RV - Freqently Asked Questions


  •     Are there any size restrictions on campgrounds or parking lots?
    There may be some campgrounds that will not allow RVs above an overall length of approx. 25 ft.

  •     Is it necessary to make reservations for campgrounds?
    Depending on season and location it may be necessary to make reservations in advance, especially during the summer months and for points of special interest e.g. National Parks, Theme Parks, etc.

  •     Is it possible to rent any other camping equipment?
    Moturis offers the following articles at additional cost: baby/child seats, camping chairs, toasters, bicycles and racks.

  •     Are there any price differences between campgrounds?
    Public campgrounds are generally less expensive than privately owned places. The location is also an important factor, e.g. a campground near Yosemite National Park will probably charge higher fees than a little place in the countryside

  •     Which campground guides and maps do you provide?
    We provide the latest editions of Rand McNally Road Atlas, WOODALLs' Campground Directory, KOA Kampground Directory.

  •     Is it possible to camp in the wild?
    We do not recommend for security reasons. Robberies have occured in the past.


  •     Apart from the rental price how much additional costs should I expect (e.g. campground fees)?
    Campground fees vary between $10 and $50 per night/per vehicle.

  •     How do I calculate the total cost for the rental of a campervan or a motorhome?

        rental price per vehicle
        preparation fee
        convenience kit
        one-way fee
        weekend surcharge

    What does a convenience kit contain?
    The basic equipment contains cover, pillow, set of bed linen, "Frotté" bath and hand towels, face cloth per person, and glass and coral tableware (plates, cups and cutlery) for a minimum of 4 people as well as a tablegrill, flashlight, pots, frying pan, can opener, salad sieve, bottle opener, corkscrew, plastic bowl per vehicle.


    Check list
    Spices - cooking oil - bottled water - coffee - sugar packets - syrup - utensils - tablecloth - coffee filters - napkins - trash bags - charcoal - hot choc mix - boxed juices - aluminum foil - matches - flashlight - beach chairs - lantern - batteries - toilet paper - sunscreen lotion - first aid kit - games - Kleenex - books etc.

  •     Can I tow my car or boat with the RV?
    Towing is generally not allowed with our RVs.

  •     Is there accommodation and/or shopping centers close to the rental stations?
    Our local staff will be happy to provide you with the information.

  •     Which options do I have to call overseas? There are different options:

        Coin calls from public phones
        Collect calls. To place a collect call simply press '0' to speak to an operator
        R-Gespräch (to Germany only): Call 1-800-292-0049
        Prepaid Phone Cards which can be purchased at grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores
        Chargeable Phone Cards obtainable at the Moturis rental location


        Gas mileage
        25 ft 7-10 miles/gallon: 23-33 liter/100 km
        32 ft 6-8 miles/gallon: 25-35 liter/100 km (170 per tank)

    What kind of power supply does a RV have?
    There is either a V8 or a V10 engine. The refrigerator, microwave, stove and high output 2- or 3-burner range are operated with propane gas. The power for the air conditioner is supplied during driving by the engine and when the engine is off it is supplied by an outside 110V power supply or by a generator.

    What kind of fuel does a RV need?
    There are fuel tank capacities depending on the model between 35 gallons (133 liters) and 75 gallons (284 liters). The RV needs unleaded 89 octane.

    What is the average fuel use of a RV?
    A motorhome needs approx. 30 liters.

    Why do RVs need so much fuel?
    Because of its weight (between 4 and 6 tons) and its size. The overall height is between 110 inches (280 cm) and 144 inches (366 cm) and the overall width between 76 inches (193 cm) and 102 inch (259 cm). The overall length is between 17 feet (516 cm) and 32 feet (960 cm).

    Is it secure to sleep in a RV?
    On a campground there is absolutely no problem.

    What does RV stand for?
    RV means recreational vehicle.


    How can we save money and get a special entrance fee for Nationalparks?
    Buy the "Golden Eagle Card". It is available at the park entrances and costs $50. Without that card you would have to pay $10-$15 per entry.

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